Who We Are

We Train, We Consult and We Research into the field of Behavioural Profiling Through Handwriting Analysis, Body Language and various other tools.

We provide you with adequate services, tools and knowledge that relate to Employee Profiling, Suspect Profiling and Personal Profiling.

The ability to detect unwanted traits and behaviours in a person you wish to employ, enter a relationship with or a suspect in the area of investigation, can save and prevent you from making bad decision and irrecoverable mistakes...




Analyze My Writing



  • Imagine if you can sniff the level of trustworthiness in a person at a glance of their handwriting. At Work, In Business or in Personal Relationships.
  • Imagine if you could tell hidden traits of a person without any verbal communication.
  • Harness this great SKILL that has been in existence for thousands of years
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