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Suspect Profiling

We support law enforcement agencies by profiling suspects through handwritten statements in investigations and interrogations. Suspect profiling is key in any investigation. Knowing the suspect true behaviours and understanding the mindset of the suspect is one of the best ways of approach in investigations and interrogations

Employee Behavioural Assessment

Using aptitudes tests and psycho analytic tests for potential or existing employees are standard methods of assessing an employee's intellectual/mental state. But this in most cases would not reveal the employee's true character and hidden negative traits. It is best to add handwriting profiling to your recruitment methods. This would give you a robust analysis of the employee.

Relationship Compatibility (Personal & Business)

The ability to know if a person would be best suited for you in your personal or business relationships is very important and would save you years of heart break, physical and emotional damages. Many people have regretted entering into many relationships because they couldn't tell who the person really was. We can help you avoid these looses and damages by profiling the person and telling you the person's true character. .


Who We Are

We are Handwriting Profilers. We profile character and behaviours through handwriting.

We assist law enforcement in investigation, HR in recruitment and we help you in your personal and business relationships to detect and identify hidden/true behaviours in your partner or potential partner.

We research into the field of Behavioural Profiling Through Handwriting Analysis, Body Language and various other tools.

We provide you with a comprehensive analysis/profile.

The ability to detect unwanted traits and behaviours in a person you wish to employ, enter a relationship with or a suspect in the area of investigation, can save and prevent you from making bad decision and irrecoverable mistakes.

Its our job……TRY US!!!

I sent in a handwriting sample of a girl i wanted to date to know if i could spend my life with her. The report came back surprising. I was very skeptical as to the authenticity of the profile. Some of the things in the profile contradicted a lot with what i saw in the girl in the few weeks we met .

The report said she would be emotionally cold and rigid but she looked so sweet to me.  To my amazement i started to see those signs in her later on and i was shocked at somethings she did. 

Their analysis was 85% plus authentic and i would always use them before entering into any other relationship.

Samuel Doe

I came across handwriting profiling during a lecture and training conducted for the Police Force. It was an intriguing experience.

It was very enlightening and revealing. It gives security agencies a straightforward approach to detecting a person’s behaviour through handwriting.

The training is very practicable, elaborate and clear; in such a way that it unveils without ambiguity profiling a person's behaviour through handwriting.

Grace Dung
Force Criminal Investigation & Intelligence Department

We offer free analysis for the first handwriting sample you send. Test Us and See!!