Paid Analysis

For Criminal Investigation, Recruitment/Employee Assessment, Personal/Business Relationships.

Send us the handwriting sample (few lines to 2 pages in lowercase writing or both lowercase and uppercase) and we would send you a behavioural profile of the person.

Fee: $299,99 $180.00.

Behavioural Profile would be sent within 48 – 72 hrs of receiving the handwriting sample.

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For cases of split personality, persons would have different variations of handwriting. In this case you can send the different samples and indicate in the message box.

Important: We tell you what we see in the handwriting, the more writing on paper the more comprehensive the analysis would be (however pages must not exceed two A4 pages or line pages). 

Fill the form below and upload the handwriting

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Behavioural Profile - $180.00


  • Please we do not offer refunds after payment is made. See refund policy for more info.
  • We would not be held responsible for any actions taken in reaction to the behavioural profile and analysis done for you.